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Instructor: Diego Ojeda

Diego is a passionate Spanish teacher and an accomplished world language presenter. He has been recognized and awarded for his outstanding teaching style that he brings to the class and enjoys sharing with his colleagues.A native of Bogotá, Colombia, with many years of experience teaching in his native country and in the United States, Diego brings a refreshing, cultural awareness and innovative perspective to the teaching of the Spanish language. Diego’s instructional strategies can be easily adapted to any Spanish language proficiency level. Diego is co-founder of #langchat, a Twitter chat that has supported many world language educators in the US since 2011. He also is co-founder of #CharlaELE1 a Twitter chat where Spanish teachers around the world share and collaborate. Diego is currently the World Languages department chair at Louisville Collegiate School in Louisville, KY.

Diego is also the creator of popular materials and resources for the AP Spanish Language and Culture class that he shares through his blog: